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    NYON, Switzerland -- Entering rooms at UEFA headquarters, Aleksander Ceferin still finds it startling and unsettling when staff leap from their seats to greet him. Vans Toy Story España . The deference of the Michel Platini era is proving hard to shake off for the officials running European football.I dont pretend to be a king here, Ceferin says at the start of an interview with The Associated Press at the UEFA complex by the banks of Lake Geneva.Whereas Platini was one of the greats of the game, winning titles as captain of France and Juventus before becoming a football politician, most of Ceferins professional experience is in criminal law. As a relative novice to football administration, having led the Slovenian federation since only 2011, Ceferin wont be treated in awe like Platini.As a lawyer you learn how to (negotiate), trust me. I have had 15,000 clients in my career, Ceferin said. I represent the biggest sports organization in the world and we have some power.The 49-year-old Ceferin emerged from relative obscurity to assume the reigns of the confederation which runs two of footballs biggest competitions -- the Champions League and European Championship. Ceferins landslide UEFA election win last month was the latest twist in world football, where the established hierarchies were shaken by criminal investigations and ethics cases.A raid on FIFA headquarters by Swiss police in September 2015 paved the way for Ceferins victory. An improper payment of 2 million Swiss francs ($2 million) from FIFA to Platini in 2011 was uncovered, leading to a four-year ban from football being imposed . Platini was no longer eligible to succeed Sepp Blatter as FIFA president in February, and UEFA general secretary Gianni Infantino unexpectedly stood for election in his place and won.Although Michael van Praag, as a UEFA vice president and former FIFA candidate, was considered the favorite to replace Platini as head of European football, the Dutchmans support drained to Ceferin.It was now or never, Ceferin said. Those terrible things that happened in football, in a way helped my candidacy because people didnt want to see establishment anymore, the same faces anymore. They really trust in the wind of change. And its a responsibility for me.But questions about Ceferins integrity have overshadowed the opening weeks of his reign. He was forced to defend the scrupulousness of a 4 million euro-loan from UEFA to his federation long before he was a presidential candidate.It was as clean as possible, he said. I expected some mosquito bites because some of the old guys were very disappointed by me being elected.Ceferins mandate is overwhelming after being supported by 42 of UEFAs 55 federations .With such big support the disappointment is very big if you dont do anything, he said. I have to use it.DANGERS IN EUROPEUEFAs Say no to racism campaign has been prominent across Europe this week because, for all the fines and stadium closures, discriminatory incidents have not been eradicated from matches.The problem was we just punished the association (or club) and collected money, Ceferin said. At the same time we have to educate people.Ceferin was surprised FIFA decided to abolish its anti-racism task force last month, and has concerns that Europe is becoming simply too dangerous.We are in specific sensitive position in Europe now, he said. Europe is not very safe. Im not speaking just about potential terror attacks but right-wing extremists, all kind of extremists. You have seen that at the Euro in France. So we have to work on it.In France in June, Russia was threatened with expulsion from Euro 2016 over fan violence.It happened once and it wont happen again, Ceferin said, looking ahead to the 2018 World Cup in Russia, and St. Petersburg hosting Euro 2020 games. I am almost convinced they will solve that problem.Protecting the integrity of matches is a more complex challenge.We should fight match fixing more aggressively because we havent done enough, Ceferin said. Match fixing is killing the game. The early warning system is not enough. We have to connect to police around Europe and to act with them.FINANCIAL DISPARITIESCeferin inherits the flagship policy of Platini, who was implementing changes to the rules that punish clubs who spend more than they earn, when he was toppled from power.Financial Fair Play is in principle working very well but it needs improvement, Ceferin said. Its not ideal. Sustainability should be the main goal. Its important to try to make the gap between the rich (clubs) and the poor ones closer.Coming from a smaller federation, Ceferin hopes he can convince the big rich clubs with their own interests ... without each other we are all finished. That is why he will resist any moves by the elite to establish a breakaway Super League, warning: Without national leagues, football is dead.AUTHORITY WITHOUT FEARIn the courts of Slovenia, the lawyer faced far more formidable figures than the bureaucrats he must now take on in negotiations over World Cup places for European teams, and the future of the Champions League . Despite projecting a no-nonsense and forthright demeanor, Ceferin talks of a collegiate leadership style.If you trust people and people believe in you, its the strongest leadership, Ceferin said. If they are scared then it will not be productive. At the same time we all know who is in charge, but I dont want to show that in a primitive way: To shout.Ceferin is, however, determined to shake up the system. Unspecified term limits for top executives will be imposed, following changes at FIFA where council members can now serve only three four-year terms. Ceferin is hoping for new blood on the executive committee and only candidates who are serving in leading positions at their federations.Four of UEFAs representatives on the FIFA Council will have to seek re-election in April. The two longest-serving, Michel DHooghe of Belgium (29 years) and Senes Erzik of Turkey (21 years) have said they will retire. Marios Lefkaritis of Cyprus, and Russian deputy prime minister Vitaly Mutko have held their positions for 10 and eight years respectively.When you are there for 15-20 years you become sleepy, and think about your limousines and your suites, Ceferin said. The worst thing is at the end you think you own the organization and you dont have to answer to anybody.Ceferin has less than three years until he has to answer to the UEFA electorate again -- if he seeks a second term in 2019.I am not afraid, he says of the challenges ahead.---Rob Harris is at www.twitter.com/RobHarris and www.facebook.com/RobHarrisReports---AP Sports Writer Graham Dunbar contributed to this report. Vans Slip On Blancas . John Lucas, signed as a mentor for rookie Trey Burke, showed he can score if required, scoring 12 points of his 16 points in the second quarter as Utah built an 18-point lead. Vans Old Skool Blancas . Dukurs winning time was 1 minute, 45.76 seconds, a quarter-second better than Russias Alexander Tretiakov. Lativas Tomass Dukurs was third, 1.41 seconds off the pace. Jon Montgomery of Eckville, Alta. http://www.zapatillasvansoutlet.es/vans-slip-on-baratas.html . If ever they start actually putting pictures beside words in the dictionary, the Blue Jays left-handers mug will appear beside “Consistency.Last year Ferrari qualified 1.4s slower than Mercedes around Melbourne. This time Ferrari qualified within 0.8s of the Mercedes pole time. Furthermore, last year Albert Park was the furthest off the pace Ferrari qualified all year (when expressed as a percentage). Although race two of 2015 was in Malaysia (placed much later in the 2016 calendar), at race three in Bahrain, the Ferrari qualifying deficit to Mercedes was down to 0.905s.Essentially, the Ferrari was around 0.5s per lap more competitive in Bahrain qualifying than it had been in Australia. If (an important if) the switch of tracks finds the same benefit for Ferrari this time around, it would suggest a Mercedes qualifying advantage in Bahrain of no more than 0.3s. Different season, different cars, but the patterns and traits of performance between the two cars does seem quite similar this year to last. The Mercedes advantage over Ferrari does appear to be bigger on Saturday than Sunday and it does partly seem related to how potent its qualifying engine mode is and partly to the Ferraris struggles to generate front tyre temperature early in a single lap. A Ferrari that can get to within 0.3s of a Mercedes in qualifying might very well be able to match its pace on race day.Until the red flag stoppage at Melbourne, Sebastian Vettel was of course leading for Ferrari and might have been expected to have won but for Alonsos race-stopping crash. But Vettels place had everything to do with the track positioning bought by his superb start and the mediocre ones of the Mercs.The comparison was further clouded by the different tyre choices made by each team during the race. Take these things out of the picture and it did appear that the Mercedes retained a performance advantage on race day - but by a smaller amount than in qualifying. Just like last year.  Sebastian Vettel (left) led the Australian Grand Prix until the red flag There is potentially another similarity too. Last year, Ferrari ran their power units quite conservatively in Melbourne. But from Malaysia onwards through Bahrain and China, they felt confident enough to turn them up - and in those races they were at least on a par with Mercedes for race day horsepower, possibly even slightly ahead (this was before the Spain clarification on fuel flow interpretation).In Melbourne this year, Ferrari again was carefully managing their power units during the race. Kimi Raikkonen in particular could be observed varying the amount of electrical deployment, according to how defensive he needed to be.Something was giving Ferrari concern about being able to run with full deployment for extended periods. Its possible this was connected to Raikkonens turbo issues that subsequently forced him to retire, but Mercedes engineers looking at the numbers suspect that Ferrari were running their engines less aggressively than in Barcelona testing. Kimi Raikkonen had to retire his Ferrari on lap 23 of the Australian GP, after suffering a fire in his airbox If this was related to a specific reliability worry Ferrari had over a component and it can be resolved by the next race, then a return to full power in Bahrain could well be enough to allow Ferrari to fight Mercedes on pure performance - on race day at least. Zapatillas Vans Old Skool. But longer term, a major focus of Ferraris attention will be on matching the power Mercedes have available for short bursts during qualifying. These extra engine modes are extremely potent and Mercedes development work during the winter - centred around extending the duration of combustion, thereby moving the detonation threshold yet further back, allowing more power for longer - has allowed them to become even more so.More than ever in the hybrid era, such developments have to be made jointly with the engine department, the fuel supplier and spark plug manufacturer. Although Ferrari appear to have a car capable of racing the Mercs, a breakthrough in qualifying performance is going to be needed before the Scuderia can control their races from the front, rather than relying on better starts or strategy to get them there. Nico Rosberg (left) won in Melbourne despite a poor start Yet even if they fail to make that step change this year, if they can regularly challenge the silver arrows, the respective dynamics of the driver line-ups of each team might yet offer Ferrari a realistic hope of stealing the title. Vettel is much more clearly a team No 1 than either of the Mercedes drivers. If - as happened in both 2014 and 15 - Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg takes points from each other while Vettel consistently finishes ahead of Raikkonen, it could be the crucial differentiator.Last year the Ferrari wasnt quite fast enough to make that matter. This year, it just might be.Dont miss the F1 Report for all the reaction and analysis from the Australian GP. Natalie Pinkham is joined by David Brabham and former McLaren mechanic Marc Priestley on Wednesday at 8:30pm on Sky Sports F1. Every race live in 2016 Sky Sports F1 brings you every race live in 2016. Fast and easy online upgrade - click here. Also See: Brundle: Australia serves up a treat Every 2016 race live Cheap NFL Jerseys Cheap NFL Jerseys China Cheap Jerseys From China Cheap NFL Jerseys Authentic Wholesale Jerseys China Cheap NFL Jerseys China NFL Cheap Jerseys ' ' '