Loyalty program, “Inventive Customer Loyalty Type”.

  • For the new Apple product, think of people who stand in line, these are the people who concisely recognize problems and if there isn’t a solution available, they will create one.      They double check Amazon reviews on Fakespot, research most purchases ad nauseam, quantify purchases on a measurable scale.  They are driven by a desire for self-actualization and are reserved, that doesn’t mean that they aren’t unique and creative.   They are often influencers and early adopters.  They are complex problem solvers that go looking for challenges and new ideas.Tivoli Partners Logo

    Inventive Customer Characteristics

    Inventive customers’ might have only a high school diploma but are a software engineer their education levels aren’t exactly an indicator of aptitude. Don’t be surprised if this customer speaks more than one language; just be ready to tackle them. They tend to look for new ideas their careers make them higher earners.

    Inventive Communication

    Authenticity in a marketing message is key and they can feel patronized if your marketing is insincere.  Inventive consumers sniff out unoriginal messaging and hence we need to be creative to market to the inventive customer.  Since they are pioneering new forms of media like Podcasts or Reddit Consider using new forms of media for messaging to this group.    Speak to their sense of adventure and Give them something to be inspired about discovering something new.   Or surprise them with a cool new email video or direct mail piece.  Believe it or not direct mail still works.

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