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    O'Connor had worked for 25 years at the Hamilton Standard Division of the United Technologies Corp., before retiring in 1990. Joseph College, died Friday at Saint Mary Home. She was 94. If general programming on air personalities who deal with controversial issues consider engaging in designated political activities, they should inform program management beforehand so that the decision potential impact can be discussed. In the event that a designated political activity is undertaken, the on air personality will, where appropriate, clearly inform the public that they are doing so in a purely personal capacity and that their actions and opinions are strictly their own. They must never exploit their connection with CBC nor engage in activities likely to compromise the Corporation independence and credibility..

    Can get past W the Cavaliers will have to beat the Pirates twice in two days to win the regional. Starting pitcher Connor Jones was able to avoid further damage. A double play with the bases loaded helped him minimize the Pirates' scoring opportunities..

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