Here are the requirements for different contents

  • Last week, a post showcased Menaphos requirements, 4 new quests, new Slayer Dungeon, Shifting Tombs and more. Here are the requirements for different contents, and the list of quests in the new runescape(RS gold SALE) expansion. Buy RS Gold cheap to get ready now!


    Menaphos requirements


    1. Speak to the Emir in Al-Kharid Palace to start the Jack of Spades quest. There, Stolen Hearts & Diamond in the rough are required for Jack of Spades. 2. Runescape membership is required to access to Menaphos.4 new quests in the cityJack of Spades - Grants access to the city of Menaphos.Phite Club - Unlocked behind the City Reputation System.Crocodile TearsOur Man in the NorthIn addition, there are other quests in the city, including Dealing with Scabaras, Missing My Mummy, Do No Evil, and Spirits of the Elid.Other contentsSophanem Slayer Dungeon: requires 88 Slayer and lcthlarin’s Little Helper quest. Shifting Tombs: requires 50 Agility, 50 Construction, 50 Crafting, 50 Divination, 50 Dungeoneering, 50 Prayer, 50 Runecrafting, and 50 Thieving.


    Faction system: Worker, Port, Merchant and Imperial factions in the city.The entry quests will allow for new players to get caught up to speed and participate in the new runescape expansion. That means, it is easy to get into Menaphos. Few hours later, all those new contents in Menaphos will be available to play. Take your time to buy rs 2007 gold cheap on our site to get ready! The exclusive discount code “RS7J” is for you in order to prepare for Menaphos in limited time.The mmogo Team First Runescape Hazelmere Ring Dropped While PM Was Off