Floor When he's tera gold at his

  • Floor When he's tera gold at his best Kawhi is everywhereSometimes his impact is revealed by the box score Certainlypointsrebounds five assists a steal and two blocks suggests Leonard made a serious impact in the Spurs'win over the Cavaliers on ThursdayWatching him gets those numbers however shows how special he really is This sequence


    for example counts as just a steal and an assist but it's not something anyone else can doIn just one play he ignores the misdirection designed to distract him fights LeBron James for position and actually beats the powerful James to his spot in the post Do you know how hard it is to beat James for post position It's almost impossible


    Topping it off Leonard leads the break and finds Tony Parker in stride It looks so easy only because Leonard is the one doing itTheboards are not surprising because Leonard is also among the best rebounding small forwards in the league He doesn't just collect loose balls but can actually battle the bigs for boards on the defensive end


    and punish any inattentive defenders for not putting a body cheap buy tera gold on hima lesson James can't seem to learnSometimes Leonard makes an impact without actually doing anything that shows in the box score Just like Stephen Curry's mere presence changes how teams defend Leonard's affects a team's offensive game plan There were entire



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