WebberLead referee Ken NBA 2K18 MT Mauer

  • WebberLead referee Ken NBA 2K18 MT Mauer and the NBAs referee association both admitted they had never seen a similar play but it seems obvious that a player reaching out and shoving another player is a foul It doesnt matter if hes the inbounder on the playThis shouldve been a turnover giving San Antonio the ball down one Of course they got


    the ball eventually seconds remaining Patty Mills holds Steven AdamsSTILL ON THE INBOUNDS PASSWe didnt notice this one reviewing the play but yeah Mills puts both his arms around Adams waist preventing him from getting open A foul away from the ball before the ball is inbounded in the final two minutes results in two


    shots and possession for the team that was fouled so if this was called the Thunder couldve taken a threepoint lead and inbounded again seconds remaining Kawhi Leonard holds Russell WestbrookSTILL ON THE INBOUNDS PASSAgain a Spurs player restricted a Thunder player from getting open You can see Leonard yanking


    Westbrooks jersey This also wouldve given the Buy NBA 2K18 MT Coins Thunder two free throws and the ball seconds remaining Serge Ibaka grabs LaMarcus Aldridge while shootingThere was a lot of banging and bumping under the rim in the final seconds of the game The officials report rules that Ibaka held Aldridges jersey as he shot This wouldve given


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